List of Sholarships Inviting Application through HKUST

(Please click here for the Past Record of Scholarships for Undergraduate Students Inviting Open Application through HKUST. For related information of Postgraduate scholarships, please refer to here.)

伍體賢科技教育基金獎學金 2014/15

伍體賢科技教育基金獎學金 2014/15 現正接受申請。同學必須是從中國雲南省取錄或雲南藉的本地或非本地的本校全日制本科生,並且有優異的校內成績。有興趣的同學請參閱 獎學金資料, 下載並填妥 獎學金申請表,於 2015年2月13日(星期五)下午五時三十分前將申請表連同所需文件擲回位於奬助學金辦事處的收集箱內。

HKUST Alumni Endowment Fund Athletic Scholarships for New Undergraduate Students

The HKUST Alumni Endowment Fund - Athletic Schoalrships for New Undergraduate Students admitted in 2015/16 is now inviting applications till 30 January 2015 (Friday).

The Scholarships aim to foster all-round education by putting equal emphasis on academic pursuit and sportsmanship development culture on HKUST campus. The Scholarships shall be awarded to at least one local and one non-local newly admitted full-time undergraduate students in each academic year. The value of each award for 2015/16 intakes shall be HK$30,000 per academic year, renewable for the normal duration of study. The award recipients shall show outstanding performance or achievements in local, regional or international sports competitions; as well as commitment for continual personal development in sports, and for contributing to the sports community in HKUST.

The scholarship details and the application form are now available at the website of Undergraduate Recruitment and Admissions Office (URAO).

Non-academic Scholarships

HKUST has established two new scholarships starting from 2015/16 LOCAL intakes to encourage students to follow their passion and be fully engaged in meaningful, non-academic endeavors.

The Innovation, Creativity & Entrepreneurship Scholarship recognizes students' achievements in the areas of innovation and entrepreneurship, and demonstration of originality and creativity.

The Community Leadership & Engagement Scholarship acknowledges students' contributions to local and / or global communities and social leaderships. For details, please visit the website of Undergraduate Recruitment and Admissions Office.

HKSAR Government Scholarship Fund - Reaching Out Awards (ROA)

ROA aims at equipping students with an international vision, broadening their exposure to multicultural environment and enhancing their communication skills in English, Putonghua or other languages. Undergraduate students pursuing full-time publicly-funded degree programs with CGA of 3.00 or above as of Fall 2014/15 who participated / would participate in following outreaching activities conducted outside Hong Kong / Macau / Mainland on 1 September 2014 to 31 August 2015 are welcome to submit applications:

a. an event / competition (e.g. conferences, forums, workshops, seminars, training camps, competitions, service projects etc.)
b. an internship or a placement (credit-bearing / non-credit bearing)
c. a field / study trip
d. a course (eg. foreign language immersion programs, academic exchange programs etc.)

Application details for 2014/15 are now available. Interested students should submit applications to SFAO by 5:30pm, 27 February 2015 (Friday).

Mr and Mrs Hung Cheung Pui Memorial Scholarship 2014/15

The Lion & Globe Educational Trust has generously pledged a donation to set up the “Mr and Mrs Hung Cheung Pui Memorial Scholarship” starting from 2013/14 academic year. It aims to motivate students to achieve their goals and aspirations through out-of-classroom experiences; nurturing students’ self-direction and personal efficacy; and help students reflect their thinking and learning processes.

Continuing local undergraduate students who attained satisfactory academic performance and show genuine interest in participating in out-of-classroom learning experiences are eligible to be considered for the scholarship. Preference shall be given to students who are in genuine financial need and recipients and finalists of the Hong Kong Outstanding Students Award or the Youth Arch Student Improvement Award organized by the Youth Arch Foundation.

Selected candidates will receive a one-off scholarship ranged from HK$5,000 to HK$20,000, provided that the scholarship award would not exceed the estimated budget of the activity.

There is no separate open application for Mr and Mrs Hung Cheung Pui Memorial Scholarship. Eligible students who have applied for the HKSAR Government Fund – Reaching Out Award (ROA) for 2014/15 academic year would be considered for Mr and Mrs Hung Cheung Pui Memorial Scholarship automatically. Shortlisted ROA candidates will be invited to submit the nomination form of Mr and Mrs Hung Cheung Pui Memorial Scholarship. Applicants, if successful, will be awarded EITHER Mr and Mrs Hung Cheung Pui Memorial Scholarship OR ROA. Interested students should submit applications for ROA first. Please visit here for application for ROA.

Hang Seng Bank Community Service Scholarships 2014/15

Hang Seng Bank Community Service Scholarships 2014/15 is now open for applications.

Full-time local undergraduate students in any discipline of study with CGA of 3.30 or above as of FALL 2014/15 and have active participation in a minimum of 100 hours of community services are eligible to apply for the scholarships.

Interested students should read thoroughly the scholarship information and return the completed application form together with all required supporting documents in the collection box at SFAO by 5:30pm, 13 March 2015 (Friday).


List of Scholarships Administrated by External Organizations

Hong Kong Scholarship for Excellence Scheme

The Hong Kong Scholarship for Excellence Scheme launched by the HKSAR Government is now available for local students who intend to pursue undergraduate and postgraduate studies in world renowned universities outside Hong Kong to apply. Each awardee will receive a non-means-tested scholarship of up to $250,000 per annum and a means-tested bursary of up to $200,000 per annum. Deadline for scholarship application is 31 January 2015 (Saturday).

For further information, please refer to here or email your enquiry to hkses@edb.gov.hk.


新來港學生升讀大學獎學金現正接受報名,以資助新來港定居學生,升讀本地認可大學全日制學士學位課程,改善跨代貧窮問題。 申請人必須為新來港定居人士,於2007年9月1日或之後來港定居,完成香港中學課程,並於2014-15年度獲得本地大學取錄為全日制學士學位課程學生。詳情及申請辦法請瀏覽www.hknasf.org


The Japan Society of Hong Kong Scholarship 2015

The Japan Society of Hong Kong Scholarship 2015 (2015年度香港日本文化協會獎學金) is now inviting applications till 5:00pm, 18 February 2015 (Wednesday).  The Scholarship Program offers an award of JYP500,000 each to support awardees to commence their studies in Japan in the coming academic year.

It is open to any Hong Kong permanent residents who are within 18 – 35 years of age and have received at least 7 years of continuous education in Hong Kong. The main purpose of the Scholarship, which is supported and funded by the HongKong Japanese Club, is to promote the study of Japanese Language and Culture, and therefore helps to enhance mutual understanding between the peoples of Hong Kong and Japan.

To apply for the Scholarship, please download the application form here. For more detailed information on the Scholarship, please refer to this information sheet, or visit www.japansociety-hk.org. Any enquiries about the Scholarship shall be directed to Ms. Jean Chau of the Japan Society of Hong Kong (Tel.: 852-2357-3797).

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