With the generous support from our donors, scholarship opportunities are ever increasing at HKUST. In the 2014/15 academic year, more than 2,300 scholarships and awards were awarded through the University to students in various programs of study, with the total value amounting to over $64 millions. Most scholarships are awarded on the strength of academic merit, and some also on other non-academic achievements as specified by the donors.

HKUST offers various scholarships for recruiting talented students with outstanding academic performance, from different academic backgrounds, who choose to pursue their undergraduate education with us. In addition, HKUST offers a number of scholarships to honour our outstanding postgraduate and continuing undergraduate students in various programs of study.

For any questions about scholarships, please visit the Scholarship FAQ section or contact us directly by phone ((852) 2358-5796) or email (sfao.sc@ust.hk).