Talent knows no borders - scholarships recipients at HKUST come from diverse backgrounds, cultures and disciplines. They all have different personalities, goals and aspirations, and interesting stories are told about their life in HKUST. Their experiences form an amazing collage of fond memories and long-lasting friendships across continents.

Find out more about our scholarship awardees' stories and their experience of studying and living at HKUST.

Chi Ho Marco, CHU
BBA in Global Business and Economics, Year 3
University Scholarships, 2011/12 & 2013/14
HSBC Overseas Scholarship Scheme, 2012/13

Education in HKUST has opened different opportunities for me to reach for the unimaginable. I was fortunate to have got the chance to go on a full-sponsored exchange year at Harvard College, thanks to HSBC, the donor, and ......
Yifeng, HUANG
BSc in Mathematics, Year 2
The Cheng Foundation Scholarship, 2012/13

HKUST provides us with an environment with free academic atmosphere, plenty of extra-curricular activities and a community of diversity. This enables me to access the pure knowledge of an academic subject, as well as ......
BEng in Civil and Environmental Engineering, Year 2
Civil and Environmental Engineering Department Scholarship, 2012/13

My life at HKUST is truly exciting! Waken up by chirpings of birds and sounds of sea waves each day to receive interesting knowledge from wise professors is certainly ......
Tsz On, LAI
BSc in Molecular Biomedical Sciences, Year 3
Padma and Hari Harilela Scholarships, 2011/12
The George K Lee Foundation Scholarships, 2012/13

I have long been eager to be a scientist in the aspect of Biotechnology, hoping that I could make a breakthrough in biomedical sciences so as to make contributions to society with scientific discoveries and inventions in the future. Now that this program could provide not only the chance ......
I Ching, LAM
BBA in Global Business, Year 2
The Joseph Lau Luen Hung Charitable Trust Scholarship, 2012/13-2013/14

For me, the University life is fruitful and inspiring. I put most of my time adapting to my new life in the last semester, and enjoyed my study experience here. This experience is totally new to me that I can learn in an interactive way and ......
Ai Lin, LOH
BEng in Chemical Engineering, Year 2
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Department Scholarship, 2012/13
Kerry Holdings Limited Scholarship, 2012/13

Over the past year, I have gained not only knowledge but perspective, not only high grades but a passion for what I do. The school’s focus on knowledge through active, personal discovery rather than rote-learning has given me greater desire to keep on learning all that I can, and ......
Lokesh Narendra, LOHIYA
BEng in Chemical Engineering, Year 3
University Scholarships, 2011/12
The Joseph Lau Luen Hung Charitable Trust Scholarship, 2012/13

The first few weeks of HKUST were bliss. But after that I realized that I needed to fall on track to become successful. After putting in some effort, I finally became oriented to the HKUST way that helped me to do well in the first year. But despite doing well ......
Yaqi, LU
BEng in Chemical and Bioproduct Engineering, Year 3
The Cheng Foundation Scholarships for Chinese Mainland Undergraduate Students, 2011/12-2012/13

I chose to study chemical engineering, though neither of my parents is an engineer. The subject is always fascinating to me. Now in my third year at the University ......
Petar Zdravkov, PETROV
SHSS, Year 2
Mr & Mrs Liu Sing Cheong and Wong Po Yuk Scholarship, 2012/13
University Scholarships, 2012/13

I love to study in HKUST. The environment, the courses, the people are really nice. I have made many friendships with students from China, Hong Kong and all over the world. All these students here are really talented, ambitious, smart and creative. It is a great experience ......
Wing Nam, YIU
BEng & BBA (CIGBM), Year 4
Andrew Vee Say Shaw Memorial Scholarships, 2011/12 – 2012/13
Scholarship Scheme for Continuing Undergraduate Students, 2011/12 – 2012/13
Sir Edward Youde Memorial Scholarships, 2011/12
Innovation and Technology Scholarship Award Scheme, 2012/13

Thanks to HKUST’s professors and teaching assistants, I have acquired more concrete knowledge of two fields which helps me to think analytically and critically. I believe business techniques lead me to think in a comprehensive way while ......
Ka Cheuk, YUNG
BEng in Computer Science and BBA in General Business Management, Year 3
Professor Edmond Ko Scholarships for Student Mentoring, 2012/13

Mentoring others had changed my way to define myself. When I first come to the university, I faced lots of opportunities and I just follow what people tell me to do. However, in this mentoring program, I being a peer mentor needed to tell the mentees to think ......
Alexander Philip, COLES
Non-degree Undergraduate Exchange Program (SENG), Year 3
Scholarships for Excellence, 2013/14

Winning the British Council's "Scholarship for Excellence" has allowed me to really make the most of my year exchange to Hong Kong. In addition to giving me the financial flexibility to explore both Hong Kong and East Asia as a whole, it has given me ......
CHIU, Wing Tsam
BEng in Electronic Engineering, Year 2
HKUST Alumni Endowment Fund Athletic Scholarships for New Undergraduate Students, 2013/14 - 2016/17

I developed my interest in martial arts when I was seven. It is not easy for me to balance studying and sport but the most important thing is good time management. For me, no one can live without exercise ......
SORRENTINO, Elisabetta
SBM Undeclared Plan, Year 1
HKUST Alumni Endowment Fund Athletic Scholarships for New Undergraduate Students, 2013/14 - 2016/17

I've always had a deep passion for sports. I started playing basketball at the age of seven. Playing basketball or any other sports requires more than just skill. Passion, determination and devotion will make you a great player. Continuous development is important to preserve my passion and love for sports ......