Financial Calculator for University Assistance Scheme (UFA)

The UFA scheme is eligible for UG full-time students registered in UGC funded course who have encountered financial difficulties or who anticipate that their financial needs cannot be adequately met by the Government Schemes.

The financial calculator enables you to have a rough idea or preliminary assessment whether you would be granted with financial assistance upon applying the UFA. The derived outcome is calculated from the income figures, asset values and number of family members you enter below. In your formal application, the information provided by you will be vetted and is subject to amendment if the information is found to be incorrect / inaccurate. Hence, your actual entitlement may therefore vary from the outcome produced by this program after the office adjustment. We accept no liability for any loss or misrepresentation incurred by its use.

(For applicant with special family circumstances that may not be reflected from below, please contact SFAO direct for applying the UFA.)

A. Family and Applicant Information

  1. Marital Status
  2. Residential Status
  3. No. of parent(s) residing with applicant
  4. No. of unmarried siblings residing with applicant
    Please specify:  
  5. No. of dependent unmarried siblings who are currently in kindergarten/primary/high schools
    Please specify:  
  6. No. of dependent unmarried siblings who are currently in post-secondary education (eg.high diploma/associate degree)
    Please specify:  
  7. No. of dependent unmarried siblings who are currently in university education (excluding applicant)
    Please specify:  
  8. Family is current in receipt of CSSA
  9. Family/Applicant is currently in receipt of Disability Allowance
  10. No. of family members with chronic serious illness (including applicant)
  11. Applicant’s family is a single parent
Total Number of Family Member(s) (including the applicant)

B. Income Test

Enter annual income of family members (round down to nearest HK$1) if appropriate for 1.4.2017 - 31.3.2018

HK$ (Exclude Cents)
Total annual income of parent(s) (including contribution to the family from other sources)
Total annual income for unmarried siblings residing with applicant’s family
Adjusted Family Income (AFI)

C. Asset Test

Enter net asset value (rounded down to nearest HK$1) if appropriate as at 31.3.2018

HK$ (Exclude Cents)
Total assets # of parent(s)/spouse for married applicant
Total assets of applicant
Total family Assets

# Assets (include land, properties, carpark, vehicle, vessels, taxi/public light bus licence, business undertaking, investment stock/shares/warrants/funds), bank deposits (savings/current/time deposits), savings/investment-linked insurance policies, loan to others, cash in hand, gold and silver, etc.)