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FAQ (Hung Choh Jan Fong Bursaries/Scholarships for UG Exchange Studies Overseas)

In applying for the Hung’s Bursaries/Scholarships of which the deadline is end of March, application for the Spring Exchange has not opened yet. Can I still submit the application form for the Hung's Bursaries/Scholarships before confirming the Spring Exchange? Or, can I submit it in April after knowing the Spring exchange result?

Students who will go on exchange either in Fall or in Spring have to submit the completed application form with supporting documents by end of March of the year.


Application should be made before confirmation of the exchange program and application forms should be submitted in advance of the exchange program. Late application and incomplete application would not be accepted after the deadline.

Could I apply for the Hung’s Bursaries/Scholarships if I go on the Summer Exchange?

The Hung’s Bursaries/Scholarships is only made available for students going on semester (Fall/Spring) or year-long school's exchange program. Exchange programs held in Winter or Summer would not be included.

I am now having exchange study in China for Fall 2019. I am not able to hand in the application form of the Hung’s Bursaries/Scholarships and supporting materials in person. I am wondering if it is possible for me to hand in soft copies by email?

You are required to submit the application form with the supporting documents in person according to the deadline. If you cannot make it, you may provide reasons and justifications to SFAO for further consideration.

If I have not applied for the Government Grant/Loan, what kind of financial proof is required for the application of Hung’s Bursaries/Scholarships?

If you have not applied for the Government Grant/Loan (TSFS) 2018/19, you are required to complete Annex I with documentary proof and refer to the supporting documents listed in the “Notes” on the front page of the Application Form.


Copies of the documents should be dated for the period from 1/4/2017 to 31/3/2018.

I am going to have an exchange in the coming Fall 2019. I would like to ask if I have applied for the Subsidy on Exchange for Post-secondary Students and HKUST Study Abroad Sponsorship, can I still apply for the Hung’s Bursaries/Scholarships?

If you are a full-time local UG students who will go on exchange in the 2019/20 academic year and you have not received the Hung's Bursaries/Scholarships before, you may consider to apply for the Hung's Bursaries/Scholarships. You should read and understand the terms listed in the Notes to Applicants before completing the application form.


For details of other exchange financial assistance like the Study Abroad Financial Support, you may approach the Office of Global Learning (OGL) by email ( or tel no. (2358 8178).

I am planning to apply for the Hung’s Bursaries/Scholarships launched by SFAO. Am I still eligible to apply since I had already received sponsorship for the same exchange program? If I am still eligible, should I include this in the scholarships I have already had?

Yes, you are eligible to apply. The sponsorship has to be included in your application form.

I am planning to go on an exchange in the coming Fall 2019 and am interested in applying for the Hung’s Bursaries/Scholarships. However, I am wondering if the Hung’s Bursaries/Scholarships only considers students with financial needs?

The Hung's Bursaries/Scholarships is designed for students with financial needs who are participating in the School’s exchange programs with exchange destination restricted to countries excluding Mainland China and countries in Asia. All application would be subjected to means-tested review on family financial condition, apart from the attainment of the academic requirement.