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FAQ (Insurance)

General Information
What insurance benefits are local students entitled to?

Besides Group Personal Accident (GPA) Insurance which all students are entitled, full-time local students are also eligible to join the Optional Hospital & Surgical Benefits Plan on a voluntary basis. Details of various insurance plans for students can be found here.

Where can I obtain more information about various insurance plans for students?

You may refer to below for more information about the Compulsory Medical Insurance Scheme for Non-local Students and the Travel Insurance for Exchange-out Students.

As for the Group Personal Accident (GPA) Insurance administered by the University’s Finance Office (FO) and the Travel Insurance for Exchange-in Students administered by the Global Student Program Office (GSPO), you may approach FO & GSPO respectively for more information.

Compulsory Medical Insurance Scheme for Non-local Students - Scheme Related Questions
Who are eligible for the Scheme?

The University policy stipulates that compulsory medical insurance is required for all registered full-time degree-seeking non-local undergraduate and postgraduate students studying at HKUST on student visa/entry permit. (Registered full-time local students may join the Scheme on a voluntary basis, further details can be found here.)

If I have my own medical insurance, can I opt out?

To avoid coverage gaps, non-local students holding other medical insurance policies cannot be exempted. The compulsory medical insurance fee cannot be reduced, waived, deferred or refunded. This also applies to students who are going on overseas exchange in Fall or Spring semester and students whose tuition fee are settled by scholarships.

What does the Compulsory Medical Insurance cover? Does it cover dental benefits?

The Compulsory Medical Insurance covers Hospital & Surgical benefits, Outpatient benefits and Extended Accidental Medical benefits. However, dental benefits are not being covered by the current Compulsory Medical Insurance Scheme.

Can I claim my general outpatient consultation expenses from the Compulsory Medical Insurance Scheme?

General outpatient consultation is not being covered under the current Compulsory Medical Insurance Scheme (except for consultation in A&E department of Hong Kong hospitals which is extended to be covered under Specialist’s Consultation benefits with effective from 1 Sep 2015.) Students can enjoy free general consultation services at the University medical clinic.

Can my spouse and children enroll into this Medical Insurance Scheme?

Students' dependants staying in Hong Kong with the student could participate in the Optional Medical Insurance plan entitling to the same coverage of Hospital & Surgical Benefits and the Outpatient Benefits in this scheme. Application Form should be sent to the insurance company direct.

Compulsory Medical Insurance Scheme for Non-local Students - Claim Related Questions
Where can I obtain the policy number, insured number and my Certificate of Insurance?

You can obtain the policy number and your own insured number on the Certificate of Insurance which can be downloaded at the Blue-Cross E-platform. Please refer to the log-in instruction for first-time account activation.

Where can I download the claim forms?

Respective claim forms can be obtained under "Useful Forms" (please click here for UG, here for PG).

How should I make a claim?

Medical claims should be submitted to the insurance company directly by post within 90 days from clinical visit/ hospital discharge. Original medical receipts with diagnosis have to be attached with the claim form for submission. Photocopy of referral letters are also required for Specialist’s Consultation claim (starting from 1 Sep 2015, referral letter is waived for Physiotherapy and Chiropractic treatment during claims submission).

Travel Insurance for Exchange-out Students - Before Exchange
Do I have to pay insurance fee for my exchange-out travel insurance?

All local and non-local undergraduate students who take part in the exchange programs of Schools/Departments will be covered by the University's Travel Insurance Plan and do NOT need to pay for the travel insurance fee. While for postgraduate students, please click here for the insurance fee and payment instruction.

Can I join the University’s travel insurance Scheme if I am going to participate in some short-term overseas program/ internship?

The Scheme only covers students who participate in overseas exchange programs organized by Schools/Departments. If you are going to participate in some self-arranged activities/ internship overseas, please arrange your own travel insurance. You may also consider subscribing the optional travel insurance plan on voluntary basis if it is a University organized activity.

What should I do if I find the coverage of the University’s travel insurance Scheme is insufficient?

If you find the coverage of the University’s travel insurance Scheme is insufficient for your personal insurance needs, you may consider topping up the insurance level with other insurance plans of your own choice.

What should I do if my exchange institution requires me to subscribe another insurance plan?

Since insurance requirements vary among countries and exchange institutions, you may need to approach your exchange institution to check if the coverage of the University’s travel insurance Scheme is sufficient. You may need to arrange/ subscribe another insurance plan if necessary.

How can I obtain certification of insurance for my visa application?

You can apply for a travel insurance certificate by completing the application form.

Travel Insurance for Exchange-out Students - After Exchange
How should I make a claim?

The claim form should first be submitted to SFAO for endorsement. The endorsed claim form and supporting documents should then be mailed to the insurance company by post as soon as possible within 90 days of happening of the event.

What should I do if I am still at overseas when the 90 days claim submission deadline is approaching?

If you are still at overseas and unable to submit the claim materials within the 90 days submission deadline, please first send the scanned copies by email to for SFAO’s endorsement and keep the original copies for submission upon your return to Hong Kong.

When will I be able to receive the claim settlement?

The normal processing time for travel insurance claim will be around 3 months.