Prospective Undergraduates

FAQ (Government Financial Assistance Schemes (TSFS & NLSFT)

General Information
Do students need to apply the TSFS Grant/Loan every year?

Yes. Eligible registered full-time students have to submit on-line application forms for the TSFS scheme every year if they want to apply for government financial assistance.

Is the NLSFT loan automatically considered for all TSFS application?

NLSFT loan is automatically considered for TSFS successful applicants. Students could simultaneously submit the TSFS and NLSFT on-line application forms to ensure that they could receive financial assistance to support their education.

If student could not find the indemnifier, what should he/she do?

Student should approach SFO to apply for Relaxation of Indemnifier or Release of Indemnifier.

Student who has not been informed about the TSFS result but has to pay the tuition fee by the payment due date soon. What should the student do?

Student who has financial difficulties in settling the tuition fee should approach the Scholarships and Financial Aid Office (SFAO) to apply for deferred payment of tuition fee. Applications should be made at least 7 working days before payment due date and all applications are subject to means-tested review.

If student has transferred to another institution after submission of the TSFS application form, what should he/she do?

Student should inform SFO by submitting the completed Notification of Change of Institution.

Should new student report the bank account details to SFO even though the account was opened in June this year?

Student has to report the bank account information, such as name of the bank account, bank account code and bank balance to SFO even the bank account was opened after the 2017-18 financial year (for 2018/19 TSFS application).

Income Assessment
Will student’s summer job salary be counted under the TSFS income assessment?

Generally, salary earned by full-time students, either from part-time job or from summer job, will not be counted under the TSFS income assessment.

Does student have to declare the income and submit the proof if he/she had a full-time job last year?


Will siblings’ part-time salary be counted under the TSFS income assessment?

Unmarried siblings who live together with the family will be included in the means tested assessment. Their salary, either from part-time job or from full-time job, will be counted under the TSFS scheme.

What kind of document the student has to submit if student’s father is a taxi driver?

If student’s family members do not have an employer, they are regarded as self-employed or operating their own business. They are required to furnish a profit and loss account or income tax statement for Student Finance Office’s (SFO) consideration.

Student’s parents are currently in receipt of the Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA). Does the student need to submit parents’ income proof for TSFS application?

No. Starting from August 2016, student from CSSA family will be required to submit the Simplified Version of Application for CCSA Family for TSFS.

Is the medical expenses incurred by the student or family member, who is chronically ill, are deductible from family’s income?

Yes. The annual maximum limit of deductible medical expenses for 2018/19 TSFS application is HK$20,530.

Asset Assessment
Student’s father owned a car but sold after 1.4.2018 (for the 2018/19 TSFS application). Does the student need to declare it in the asset column?

Yes, any assets in possession during the period 1.4.2017 to 31.3.2018 have to be declared in the asset column.

Student’s father owned a second hand car and its current market value is unknown. How should the student declare it?

Student could furnish the related records, when the car was purchased, to SFO for their consideration. If the car purchased document was lost, student’s father may approach banks or car dealers to obtain an estimate of the market price of the second hand car.

If student’s mother has joint account with student’s grandmother, how should this be reported?

If student and/or parents have a joint account with other members of the family or with other persons, the total balance of the account has to be reported. Name of the family members or the names of those other persons should be filled in.

Student does not have full set of monthly bank statements for the financial year 2017-18. What should the student do?

Student has to apply for copies from the bank if he/she has lost some of the monthly bank statements.

Does student need to submit the bank balance statement details of other unmarried siblings?

No. Student is only required to declare his/her and parents' assets.

What kind of insurance plan should be filled in for the TSFS application?

Generally, insurance with bonus or savings nature will be counted as family assets.