Message from the Head


The purpose of university education has been a topic of public debate for a long time. Government policy makers, social scientists, market economists, educational psychologists, and university professors would probably come up with different views and iterations.

Everyone has his or her own purpose to learn. For the majority of university students, it may be about embarking on a promising job which will lead to a successful career. For some, it may be about getting ready for a far-reaching aspiration. For a few others, it may simply be about learning for the sake of learning. From a university administrator's perspective, I would consider university education being a valuable platform and a critical stage for our younger generation to explore and expand their intellectual potential, and to cultivate and consolidate their civic mindedness in order to get prepared for future life challenges and opportunities.

In the university years, regardless of whether our students are having a great appetite for knowledge or are high-flyers with acclaimed achievements on their CVs, they will, every now and then, be frustrated by unexpected failures and be comforted by hard-earned successes throughout their university years. It is with all those ups and downs, tears and laughter that they will be learning to be responsible adults with reflective thinking, mutual respects, and worthy life goals.

At the Scholarships and Financial Aid Office (“SFAO”), we are here to help our students to identify appropriate means to alleviate financial hardships; to pull scholarship resources together to honor their achievements, to provide supports and advice related to their learning enhancement activities, and to draw suitable insurance plans to meet the needs of our students with diverse background. With this comprehensive line-up of student financial service components, our colleagues at SFAO will be more than willing to offer any possible assistance to help reduce our students’ stress and tension, and to cheer and rejoice with them upon their success and triumph.

Come and talk to us anytime when you think we can be of help!


Dr Tony LAM

Head, Scholarships and Financial Aid Office